The BEARS TEAM is an independent business providing individuals and families with career information to plan pathways from secondary school to college, university, apprenticeships or employment that lead to a successful future.

Year 10 & Below

The knowledge and skills gained in Years 9 and 10 provide the foundations for student success in Years 11 and 12. The BEARS TEAM provides parents and students with relevant career information and an understanding of the subjects and study requirements for Years 11 and 12 that lead to success after school is over. Our Career Consultants help with:

  • Career Interest Review (CIR) to identify individual career interests and how to achieve them with important contributions from parents
  • Selecting subjects for Years 10, 11 and 12 and how and when subjects can be changed
  • Prerequisite subjects for tertiary study and apprenticeships
  • How the Queensland OP system works compared to what happens interstate and overseas
Year 11 & 12

Students in Years 11 and 12 face an increased work load to prepare for tertiary study or a trade or employment. The BEARS TEAM can help students and families with information about:

  • Identifying and reviewing career interests with parents suggesting study related to career opportunities
  • Information on University degrees, entry requirements, upgrading and scholarships
  • Facts about alternatives to uni
  • An OP estimation guide for Qld students and how to achieve targets
  • Comparison between the Qld OP score and interstate/overseas results
  • Time Management and Study Skills

University & College

Whilst Universities offer first year students services relating to their enrolment, orientation and getting around campus there is much more to life as a uni student. Many students choose TAFE, Agricultural and Private College courses as an alternative to university. Some may need short courses to improve their current work situation and others may consider a College course as a pathway to University. The BEARS TEAM helps families with facts on –

  • Which university/college and which degree/course is right for you?
  • Accepting, rejecting, deferring or changing QTAC and interstate offers
  • Creating solutions when you miss out on your QTAC or interstate offer
  • Single or twin degrees and majors and minors when choosing subjects
  • Selecting subjects and preparing timetables for lectures, tutorials and prac sessions
Career Change - Mature Age Study and Employment Options

The BEARS TEAM can help when seeking a career or employment change. Our career consultants will work with you and partners or family members to identify other career interests and provide information to -

  • Identify other career interests and how to make a career change or a career shift
  • Further study options for mature age students
  • Professional resume and portfolio preparation
  • Where to find employment and preparing job applications and interview techniques

Resume Preparation

Gaining quality employment is essential for developing skills and achieving a fulfilling study/work/life balance. Whether a secondary or uni student, a graduate or seeking a career change, our consultants will listen to you and help develop a positive, concise and professional resume.


ACIE - The Shareholder’s and Investor’s Centre

Located in our Brisbane Office, The Centre provides opportunities for members and their families to meet and share approaches and strategies to improve financial decision making. To learn more (hyperlink to page) about The Centre and its membership – Phone (07) 3210 0277 or email


News Feeds

Appointments for September - October - November

Bears Team Brisbane - Thursday, September 18, 2014

CAIRNS - Appointments can be made with Nicole on any day by telephoning 0432 959 367.


SUNSHINE COAST - at 5-7 First Avenue, Maroochydore 
                                   Sunday 21, Sunday 28 September  
                                   Sunday 12, Sunday 26 October
                                   Sunday 23 November


TOOWOOMBA  in Room K-302, University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
                             Saturday 20 September
                             Saturday 11, Saturday 25 October
                             Saturday 22 November

ROCKHAMPTON - the Leichhardt Hotel, Denham Street
                                Saturday 18, Sunday 19 October

MACKAY - Grand Suites, Gregory Street
                   Saturday 1, Sunday 2 November
All Appointments to be made by telephoning (07) 3210 0277.


Bears Team Brisbane - Thursday, September 18, 2014
  • EARLY QTAC APPLICATIONS for all applicants (Year 12, Upgrading and Mature Age) close on Tuesday 30 September at the fee of $35.00.        
  • Late and new applications can be made from Wednesday 1 October at a fee of $130.00.                                         
  • Only ONE application is made online WITH UP TO SIX different selections. It is NOT compulsory to enter six different choices. 
  • Year 12 students receive their Year 12 Certificates  a) OP eligible students: in mail on Monday 22 December. b) Non- OP eligible students: obtain rank from QTAC website on Tuesday 30 December.                                                
  • September QTAC choices can be easily changed online up to Wednesday 7 January, 2015. It is recommended at this time that you book an appointment with the BEARS Team.                                                
  • One QTAC First Round offer will be known from the QTAC website on Friday 16 January. If necessary, a further application can be made for a Second Round offer known on Tuesday 5 February.                                                
  • QUERIES- please email or telephone 3210 0277. 
  • BEARS appointments to consider scholarships, uni accommodation, upgrading, simple or twin degree, Gap Year/ deferment, resume and obtaining holiday employment available-
    • Brisbane: Monday - Saturday from 8am to 5pm
    • Sunshine Coast: Sundays from 9am to 5pm
    • Toowoomba: Saturdays from 9am to 5pm
    • Cairns - Mackay - Rockhampton: during October

  • Cut-offs for uni places are likely to remain UNCHANGED for 2015. 

  • QTAC is the responsibility of the student applicant and family. IT is NOT the duty of the school/college/uni to check on application. If in doubt please contact the BEARS Team.

THINGS TO DO from the BEARS Team

Bears Team Brisbane - Thursday, September 18, 2014

THINGS TO DO from the BEARS Team

Holidays are here…Best not waste them!

Some things to do

·         Turned 16? How about going for your Learner’s Permit. Or even your Boat Licence, Jet Ski and First Aid Certificate.

·         17? About time to go for your P’s. And let’s not forget about the complimentary RACQ membership. You should also look into completing an RSA certificate or adding to your sport coaching or umpiring. Looking for some Brownie points? How about helping out your Drama or Music teacher…it’s also great experience for later in life.

·         18 or older? Time to start saving for that first car. Make sure to get it checked for Road Worthy by RACQ or a certified Mechanic, NOT a neighbourhood friend. Holidays are a great time to look into a defensive driving or a modelling course, particularly for those of us who are interested in sports. It’s a great chance to model some new sporting gear and get paid!

Part time work L - where to look!

·         QPAC is always in need of Ushers and Part Time Admin staff. This could be the job that starts your career in Creative Arts and Theatre. Check out their website for more details.

·         UNI Students. This is the perfect time to start planning Christmas Work:

o   RESOURCE companies are currently looking for uni students who are interest in some paid work experience. Check out their website for more details.

·         Overseas and Interstate travellers will be coming through in large numbers during the Christmas Break so it is a great time to look at getting some work experience with a resort or hotel along the coast. Some key areas to look at would be – Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Gladstone. What about a cruise ship job?

How is your resume looking? Have you got all your latest results, licences and other successes? If you want to get it checked over, just email it in to the BEARS Team at ASAP.

If you get your mid-semester results back and start wondering if you are on the right track or not, perhaps it is time to arrange an appointment with TED or VICKI. Appointments can be made by telephoning (07) 3210 0277.

Important Things for Year 12s

Bears Team Brisbane - Thursday, September 11, 2014

As a former Year 12 student, I have compiled some information for current Year 12’s as they face the completion of their secondary studies.

·         Creating a resume is a big one if you are hoping to get some holiday work after graduation. Although hospitality and retail aren’t the most glamorous fields to work in, remember that at least it is a job and good experience to build upon. Once you have a job you are more likely to be employed later by someone else.

·         The BEARS Team is more than happy to review your resume or help you with layout and content, just email your resume to or telephone us at 3210 0277 to make a time to come in to work with one of our friendly staff.        

·         Once you have made your QTAC application DO NOT make any changes until after you have your OP. Then you can make changes to your application after the OP comes in the mail on Monday 16 December.        

·         Even with the ease of Facebook and other social networking sites, chances are high that you will fall out of contact with around 82% of the people in your year. So when you leave, make the effort to stay in contact with those you want and forget about those with whom you don’t want to make the effort. From now on it is your life, your choices and your consequences so OWN IT!

Myeisha J

Bridging Courses

Bears Team Brisbane - Wednesday, September 10, 2014

For some uni courses, there may be a prerequisite or compulsory standard of achievement such as Sound Achievement (SA or 60%) in English, Maths A or B, Biology or Chemistry or Physics. Most unis offer Bridging Subjects which can be completed next year.


·        HUBBARDS SCHOOL is conducting intensive courses in ENGLISH, MATHS B, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS. Again, success at Hubbards will be recognised by universities for the QTAC Major Round. The BEARS TEAM strongly recommends telephoning Hubbards on (07) 3371 5999 this week as classes are filling quickly. Hubbards will continue to offer Senior External Examinations in 2013 and 2014 as well as providing a range of other educational services including UMAT and QCS preparation and private tutoring.


·         Details of the latest information on Bridging Subjects can be found on university websites. Print the details as Bridging Subject(s) may allow entry to a course for 2015.


Volunteering at events gives people experience, networking contacts and future employment opportunities. Events are fun, vibrant and exciting environments where opportunities are endless! Applications now open for:

  • Abbey Medieval Festival 7 - 8 July
  • BIGSOUND 12 - 14 September
  • Queensland Centre for Photography - ongoing

Contact us for assistance in completing volunteering applications or for further information.