Important Things for Year 12s

Bears Team Brisbane - Thursday, September 11, 2014

As a former Year 12 student, I have compiled some information for current Year 12’s as they face the completion of their secondary studies.

·         Creating a resume is a big one if you are hoping to get some holiday work after graduation. Although hospitality and retail aren’t the most glamorous fields to work in, remember that at least it is a job and good experience to build upon. Once you have a job you are more likely to be employed later by someone else.

·         The BEARS Team is more than happy to review your resume or help you with layout and content, just email your resume to or telephone us at 3210 0277 to make a time to come in to work with one of our friendly staff.        

·         Once you have made your QTAC application DO NOT make any changes until after you have your OP. Then you can make changes to your application after the OP comes in the mail on Monday 16 December.        

·         Even with the ease of Facebook and other social networking sites, chances are high that you will fall out of contact with around 82% of the people in your year. So when you leave, make the effort to stay in contact with those you want and forget about those with whom you don’t want to make the effort. From now on it is your life, your choices and your consequences so OWN IT!

Myeisha J