In the BEARS TEAM appointment, the Career Interests resulting from the Family CIR are checked against the Year 11 subjects chosen and if necessary, changes are recommended.

Changing subjects in Year 11 and 12 is determined by the policy of each school. If a subject cannot be changed but is needed as a prerequisite for uni, there are bridging courses in order to meet the prerequisites for a uni course available for the duration of one semester after the completion of Year 12.

The Queensland Overall Position Score (OPS) is based on the assessment determined by subject teachers in your school. We show families how to estimate a likely OPS Range based on past results and then by setting targets for future performance. The BEARS TEAM OPS Equation Guide can assist in setting realistic targets each semester. For interstate families, a similar process can help estimate a likely end of Year 12 range.

Time Management is essential for senior students and we help you to develop a Time Management Chart in Excel your appointment which will help to “Study Smarter”. The TMC will show families how the student can successfully balance study, sport, part-time work, music and other interests, family and social life and is adjusted each term as activities change.