Term 3 in Year 12 is the time for applications to be prepared online to the state tertiary admissions. We will begin to develop your tertiary application from the first appointment so decisions are not rushed in September. The most common applications are submitted through:

We provide information on key dates such as September draft choices, preference changes in December when Year 12 results are known, responding to January offers and applications for February Second Round offers. Information about applying for programs in more than one state is provided with important dates and requirements for accepting, deferring and withdrawing from study.

Accommodation choices for students living away from home after Year 12 require planning. Dates to make applications for on campus accommodation, fees, type of accommodation and off-campus choices are discussed at family appointments.

Scholarships are offered by universities, some accommodation colleges and some TAFE, AACC and private colleges. Information on dates, criteria, value and how to apply is provided.