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We work with Mature Age people (20 years and over) seeking career information, study options, navigating life change and returning to the workforce. This can include those seeking options on tertiary education (whether for the first time or in addition to current qualifications), career analysis and redirection or employment options.



to answer questions such as

After working since leaving school, I now need extra qualifications - but what do I study? When? Where? How? Costs?


To advance my career I need a postgraduate qualification - but which is best for me? 


How do I manage change in family circumstances and balancing work / life commitments


To enter or re-enter the workforce after a break - but what are my options? 


I am unhappy with my current job. Do I need a career change or a different perspective?

The Bears Team | Mature Age Student Assistance
The Bears Team | Mature Age Student Assistance


we work with you on

Identifying career interests 

Job change including industry change and career path 

Exploring starting your own business or practice  

Matching my existing qualifications to workplace needs

Using professional network to obtain employment opportunities

Postgraduate options – study and related career options.

Resume, Folio and Job Interview preparation 

Setting targets for success, both short and long term

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