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The BEARS Team is an independent company operating since 1988 in Brisbane. We have always worked towards bridging the gap between education and industry and do this by working with individuals and families in their study, career and life pathway choices.

In our online appointments we see families, students and those seeking information for change in or returning to the workforce from all over Queensland as well as our interstate and overseas clients.

Over the 30 years of working with families and individuals we have helped hundreds of families with school aged children navigate their study and career pathways and then return with their own children for guidance  and assistance.

The BEARS Team is headed by Vicki Toovey who has an extensive background in Education, Management, Economics and Mathematics and has worked within both New South Wales and Queensland education systems and is registered with the Australian Register of Professional Career Development Practitioners.

We welcome all enquiries and hope to help you with your future plans.

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