Stay Safe – Proactive Measures.

A message from the BEARS Team.

Secondary & Tertiary Study Options


31 March, 2020

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all our valued clients and families in these uncertain times.

For over 30 years, we have always worked towards bridging the gap between education and industry by working with individuals and families in the study, career and life pathway choices. In these constantly changing times, how we learn, study and work can also present a new set of challenges for us to embrace.

Career guidance, planning and development have never been so important.

The needs of our clients continue to be the key pivotal element of our business operations.


Our aim is to continue to deliver this service.


Over the last 5 years, we have been working with our out-of-Brisbane clients using a very successful online and Skype service delivery model. For students, parents can still be involved in the process.


We are pleased to provide this online/Skype service to all our clients. 


Subsequently, we have suspended all Face to Face in office meetings until further notice. We really appreciate your ongoing understanding and support. We will advise you of any future developments.. Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience.

New Client Process

If you are coming to The Bears Team for the first time your consult will follow this format

1. You will complete an Online Questionnaire

2. Receive a detailed report

3. Initial phone / online meeting (approximately 40 minutes)

4. Follow up phone / online meeting (approximately 60 minutes)

5. Follow up support via email or phone

For school and university students, a Learning Styles assessment and Time Management package is also available.

We encourage our existing clients and families to make use of our Skype meetings as we continue to support you in Career Development.


Please phone us on 0481 223 995 or complete our online inquiry form to organise your session.

We also invite you to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with important information about education changes during this time and implications it might have on your highschool children and families.

Take care of yourselves. 


Stay Safe




The BEARS Team has been assisting families and individuals for over 30 years.

We specialise in study options for secondary students, university / TAFE / apprenticeship students as well as career planning pathways for students and people seeking a career change or returning to the workforce.

You can read more about Bears and our integration of Business Education and Industry Research throughout 30 years of consulting with individuals, families and students.

Explore our services or contact us to book in an appointment and make an enquiry.



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The Bears Team | Student Career Guidance | Brisbane

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